sábado, 11 de junio de 2011


I have just read an article wich gives advice about how to answer questions in job interviews!
Here there are:

-Before the interview prepare a writing that describes your ideal job. Include a HEADLINE and several ADJECTIVES describing the company, the job and yourself.

-If you were fired in your last job, don´t say it!! Just say that you have learnt a lot about X and now you want to learn about Y.

-Explain how your skills, personality and goals are suited to this job.

-WEAKNESSES!! Interviewers are sick of hearing the typical answer about vague faults that could also be a virtue. Be honest about faults but emphasise what you´ve done to deal with them.

-A time you failed...The best answer: " I fell off my horse. I learned what I´d done wrong. I got back up and rode better".

Good luck!!

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